Komaki City has been relatively unknown among overseas tourists up to now, but for several reasons you’ll feel very lucky to have opened this homepage!
The city is a very important place in Japanese geography and history, as you’ll see.

First, let's talk about geographical features.
The Nobi Plain is located right in the center of Japan.
Located in the center of the plain, Komaki City is a connecting point for two expressways, the Meishin Expressway (opened in 1966) and the Tomei Expressway (opened in 1970), which brought the dawn of the highway era of Japan. This link makes it easier for people there to visit the capital city Tokyo, eastern Japan, and to the west Osaka and Kyoto by car.
Driving on the Nagoya Expressway extending further to the south you can travel straight to Nagoya, which is one of the three metropolises of Japan.
In addition, you can go to Nagano Prefecture, viewing scenic mountains during a comfortable drive on the Central Expressway extending north from Komaki.
Blessed with such geographical conditions, Komaki takes remarkable advantage of its easy-access location for logistics and, as a result, many factories and warehouses have grown up in the area.
Further, Komaki City has continued to develop as one of the leading inland industrial cities in Aichi Prefecture, which boasts the highest value shipping in Japan.
Aichi Prefecture Komaki City.
The population is approx. 150,000.