Komaki Interpreter Volunteer Guide Group

Komaki Interpreter Volunteer Guide Group was organized in 2012. We started it in five members. Our purpose is to guide people from overseas to the sight of Komaki in English. There are a historic spot and famous shrine and temple in Komaki such as Mt. Komaki, where Oda Nobunaga built a castle with a stone wall and a castle town for the fist time, Tagata Jinja Shrine, known for its strange and interesting festival and Mamakannon Temple, popular with its Goddess of Mercy realizing wishes for mother’s milk.
Our activities are guided tour at Komaki Spring Festival and Autumn Festival,
standby guide at Komaki Historical Museum and volunteer guide at Tagata Jinja Honen Matsuri festival held on the 15th of every March.

Our contact is as follows;
Kazuo Saeki,
Komaki Interpreter Volunteer Guide Group
Mail address: noopy2476@yahoo.co.jp
34-7, 6-chome Hikarigaoka, Komaki, Aichi Prefecture